Posting of Workers Directive: Yes vote urgently needed to ensure equality for workers across the EU

Monday 28 May 2018

MEPs will decide on 29th May if posted workers should get the same deal as a local worker. UNI Europa, together with the ETUC, urge MEPs to votein favour of the revision of the Posting of Workers Directive.

“EU legislation guaranteeing the same pay for the same work in the same place is an important step to make the EU’s single market serve workers better“, said UNI Europa’s Regional Secretary, Oliver Roethig. “Still, there remains much to be done to stop the Single Market from fostering the exploitation of worker, both when they work abroad or in their home country.”

“What we really need is not the current piecemeal approach. The EU needs a comprehensive strategy to overcome the disadvantages workers face through the EU, individually as well as when they pursue their interests togethers through collective bargaining. For UNI Europa, this is a key topic for the next European Parliament and for its election in 2019.”

The EP’s Plenary vote is due to take place tomorrow, on the trilogue deal between the Commission, Council and Parliament in March, and is a yes/no vote without the possibility of amendments. The text has already been approved by Council and the deal requires a simple majority of MEPs.

The deal – while including significant compromises such as the exclusion of transport workers – contains important guarantees for Europe’s two million posted workers and, above all, the prospect of equal pay.

The current Directive dates from 1996, when the EU consisted of fifteen members and did not face large movements of lower paid workers from eastern countries to western states. In 2016, according to the European Commission, 2.3 million posting operations took place in the EU. A ‘posted worker’ is a person employed in one EU country and sent by his/her employer on a temporary basis to work in another.