Support PAM’s October political strike and overtime ban in Finland

Tuesday 2 October 2018

The Finnish Service Union United (PAM) has organised a day-long political strike for October 3rd. The reason for industrial action is the Finnish government’s so-called ‘lay-off law’ which would weaken employees’ rights of protection against dismissals and make it easier for businesses with less than 20 staffto fire them.

Following the political strike, PAM members will engage in an overtime ban between October 3rdand 23rd. The overtime ban affects 26 sectoral agreements, including those in the property services sector. During the overtime ban employees commit to not working overtime.

Ann Selin, PAM chairperson said to the Finnish media: “Sipilä’s [current Prime Minister] government has driven us into a situation where we have no choice but to resort to political industrial action. This is our attempt to defend protection against unilateral termination and employee rights. The government’s policies jeopardise the equal treatment and employment security of employees. We cannot accept it.”

Eddy Stam, Head of UNI Property Services, said “Weakening the Employment Protection Legislation (EPL) is a neoliberal mantra that never has been proven to increase employment. In fact all Nordic countries have a very strong EPL legacy and long standing high economic performance. The present Finnish economy shows a growth rate near to 3% and opposite to EPL, economic growth is the main driver of the labour market.”

“We support the Finnish trade union in protecting workers rights that came in after several long and painful struggles,” Stam concluded.

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