“Shaping Industrial Relations in a Digitalising Services Industry” project concludes

Wednesday 21 November 2018

In autumn 2018 UNI Europa finalised its project on “Shaping Industrial Relations in a Digitalising Services Industry – Challenges and Opportunities for Social Partners”. Two final reflection workshops took place in Vienna and Brussels. The findings and outcomes of the research conducted by partner ‘ZSI – Centre for Social Innovation’ were presented, as well as the project workshops and the conference’s political activities from relevant UNI Europa sectors.  The presented findings and outcomes should serve as a basis for internal UNI Europa discussions as well as exchanges with academics and relevant social partners, aiming to contribute to the political platform on industrial relations in a digitalising services industry.

First discussion fora were provided in the framework of these workshops. In the first reflection workshop participants discussed – in cooperation with academics – challenges and opportunities for services and labour markets as well as work organisation and company strategies in the age of digitalisation. The UNI Europa activities and policies as regards work representation and collective bargaining, an employment relationship 4.0 as well as skills and (re)training opportunities were discussed in the framework of the second reflection workshop. This workshop provided the opportunity for us and our social partners to exchange ideas and best practices on social dialogue and possible next steps.