Solidarity with ver.di’s airport security workers on strike in Germany

Thursday 10 January 2019

Following a four-hour long warning strike at one of Berlin’s airport on Monday of this week, airport security workers in Dusseldorf, Koln/Bonn and Stuttgart are on strike today. Security workers organised with ver.di services union are demanding 20 euros an hour but the employers’ association BDLS says that this is completely unreasonable.

UNI Europa Property Services supports ver.di’s efforts to improve security workers’ wages at airports. As airports and indirectly airlines are some of the largest buyers of security services they have a responsibility to set the terms and conditions for the entire private security industry.

Eddy Stam, UNI Global Union’s Head of Property Services said: ‘When airlines offer trips for less then 80 euros, customers should know that airport workers pay the price. If we think security is essential, airlines and airports should stop the race to the bottom on airfares and pay workers’ a decent wage. ver.di can count on UNI Global Union’s and airport workers’ support all over the world’

Mark Bergfeld, Director of UNI Europa Property Services said: ‘The responsibility for the fact that Dusseldorf Airport has had to cancel 350 of the 570 take-offs and landings, and more than 111,000 flight passengers in Germany have been affected, lies with the employers who are playing with passenger security and safety by not paying workers a decent wage.’

In co-operation with CoESS, UNI Europa has developed the Best Value Guide featuring quality criteria so buyers of private security services can make purchasing decisions which enhance the quality of service provision and improve workers’ terms and conditions.