UNI Europa Graphical&Packaging update on call for action: Circle Media Group Management commits to further dialogue with Unions

Friday 1 March 2019

In response to our call for a general mobilisation on Monday 25 February , Circle Media Group posted a reaction on their website in which they mention their « shared concern for the future of the printing industry and they count on the trade unions’ understanding and readiness for dialogue ».

UNI Europa Graphical&Packaging replied to this reaction by sending a letter to the CMG management on Thursday 28th February saying that : “UNI Europa Graphical&Packaging and its affiliates are indeed always open to a constructive and fruitful dialogue. UNI Europa Graphical&Packaging also believes that only through a transparent dialogue, both parties can avoid misunderstanding and build mutual respect and trust.”

Taking note of their will to engage, UNI Europa Graphical&Packaging highlighted to CMG management the need of a first meeting to be organised as a matter of urgency.

UNI Europa Graphical&Packaging looks forward to CMG’s reply.