The crisis in care: new report underlines urgent need for responsible investor action in nursing homes

Wednesday 16 December 2020

new report released by UNI highlights the legal, human rights and operational risks of investments in nursing homes caused by a combination of poor health and safety, understaffing, low wages, temporary contracts and over-financialisation. The report is accompanied by a 2-page briefing entitled ‘How the crisis in care affects investors’.

The entrenched problems in the sector have increased the vulnerability of nursing homes to the coronavirus, with estimates from 21 countries showing that on average 46% of COVID-19 deaths were care home residents as of mid-October.

It highglights:

  • Investors bear responsibility to tackle deep-seated challenges that jeopardise the lives of nursing home residents and workers.
  • UNI is calling on investors in nursing homes to classify the sector as high risk, and work with UNI to carry out critical due diligence.
  • Lax health and safety standards, under-staffing, low wages, temporary contracts and over-financialisation have all contributed to surging COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes.
  • Trade unions can help reduce coronavirus infection rates by improving working conditions, which in turn increases all standards.

Read the report: