Douglas Perfumerie – send a letter to the CEO

Friday 26 March 2021

Unions have launched an international letter-sending campaign to protest the mass job cuts at Douglas Perfumerie. The cosmetics retail chain announced a mass layoff of 2500 jobs across Europe and is undermining meaningful negotiations with workers’ unions. Stand with the workers and send a letter to the CEO (also in German, Spanish and Italian).

Getting through the pandemic requires a joint effort. Instead of participating in that effort, the management at Douglas is trying to use the pandemic to get ahead and offload all the hardship onto its workers. Abandoning long-term workers in the midst of the pandemic, while simultaneously boasting €1.2 billion in sales is unacceptable.

Workers’ unions accuse management of using the pandemic as an excuse to cut jobs and shift more profits to shareholders. Alternative proposals are being put forward by the unions that would save jobs while making sure the company remains profitable. The company has received government funding to help cover the salaries of workers during the lockdown, making the current wave of job cuts completely disproportionate to the impact of the pandemic.

➡️ Send a letter to the Douglas CEO to show you stand with the workers ⬅️