Finance unions agree on key priorities and elect leadership



Finance unions agree on key priorities and elect leadership

Finance unions rose together at the 6th UNI Europa Finance Conference, held in Philadelphia on  23 August 2023. Representatives from finance sector unions across Europe gathered to decide on key priorities and elect their leadership for the next four years.

The conference focused on several important areas, including collective bargaining, sustainable finance, digitalization, AI, diversity and inclusion, social dialogue,  and influencing EU regulations.  shape a forward-thinking and inclusive finance sector that would serve society and the real economy.

Michael Budolfsen was elected UNI Europa Finance President for a third term.

Dominic Hook, Eileen Gorman, Susanne Lindberg, Luciano Malvolti, Noemí Trabado, Elke Maes, Mireille Herriberry, Jan Duschek, Anita Palkovich, Adrian Soare, Jana Szaszova and Ladislava Spielbergerova were elected as Vice-Presidents.

Key priorities for their mandate are:

Forward through Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining remains a cornerstone of the finance sector unions’ approach to securing workers’ rights and fair working conditions. By uniting the workforce, UNI unions will continue to push fairness and adequate compensation for their contributions.

Sustainable finance

Finance sector workers’ commitment to promoting green and socially responsible practices within the industry. Emphasizing sustainability will enable finance workers and their unions to play a significant role in shaping a finance sector that benefits society and the real economy, fostering an environmentally conscious and ethical approach to financial operations.

Digitalization and AI

In the face of rapid digitalization and the rise of AI, the conference aims to steer the sector ahead of these technological trends. With expertise and strong collective agreements, finance unions seek to anticipate problems and fosters a diverse and inclusive industry.

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