Defending the right to a collective agreement in Germany’s banking sector



Defending the right to a collective agreement in Germany’s banking sector

German bank sector workers are protesting against the banks’ refusal to reach a national sectoral collective bargaining agreement for 220,000 people during the latest negotiation round.

After years of wage restraint, the trade unions are demanding a salary increase of at least 4.5 % and at least 150 € for the lower salary groups. They demand an entitlement to remote working and for the employers to fund the cost of the home office.

It is unacceptable for the employers to refuse to find an agreement, especially after these very workers helped to keep the sector going and provide essential services to citizens during the global Covid-19 pandemic,” said Maureen Hick, UNI Europa Finance Director.

The collective bargaining campaign seeks to regulate situations that workers are already facing, for instance a mandatory framework for remote work.

With an ever-increasing workload, workers should also have the right to choose between more money or more time off.

A summary of all other demands can be found here.

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Join the protest today (11.30-13.30)!


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