Facing the challenges of Q-commerce and dark supermarkets



Facing the challenges of Q-commerce and dark supermarkets

Groceries delivered to your doorstep in 15 minutes. That is the promise of a number of new companies taking the delivery model to the retail sector. To deliver on these promises, dark supermarkets (small depots of retail goods) are being established in city centres all over Europe from which the riders get the ordered goods.

Larger traditional players are also eying the “quick commerce” or q-commerce market through targeted takeovers and cooperation’s with the new challengers. The developing q-commerce sector can pose serious challenges to traditional retail activities, to the working conditions and to trade union organising in the commerce sector.

This is why UNI Europa has launched a double initiative. Firstly, it has established a European trade union network on q-commerce with the support of the FES Competence Centre on the Future of Work. It aims to collect and share information on the national developments, reinforcing each other and identify areas of cooperation. In parallel, UNI Europa is co-financing a research project with FEPS to map the sector’s developments, assess work related issues and identify potential trade union strategies.

The developments in the q-commerce sector are potentially disruptive. This network and research project will put the European trade unions in a place to develop appropriate responses”, explained Annika Flatten, UNI Europa Director of Commerce.

If your union is impacted by q-commerce and is not yet involved in this initiative, please get in touch with us via mail or this online form.


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