Joint declaration on mobile work in the ICT sector

Joint declaration on mobile work in the ICT sector

The social partners in the telecom sector, UNI Europa & ETNO (European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association,) have signed a joint declaration on ICT-based mobile work today.

The ICT sector is one of the most rapidly changing when it comes to working environment, work organisation and technology which increases the need to address the issue of mobile work which in difference to traditional forms of telework has not yet been the subject to a social partner framework agreement.

ICT-based mobile work refers to an employee performing parts of their when employees perform parts of their work during agreed working hours at changing locations outside the office chosen by the employee and spends most of the working with information and communication technologies.

With the joint declaration UNI Europa and ETNO want to provide the stakeholders in the ICT sector with a definition and basic principles on ICT-based mobile work that should be used as a basis for negotiations at national and/or company level.

Key aspects of the recommendations include

–          ICT-based mobile work is voluntary, should be agreed by employer and employee and does not replace other forms of work in the company

–          Mobile workers have the same rights as other workers

–          A clear timeframe defined in the company/collective agreement is important to avoid borderless work, ensure work-life management and the right to disconnect

–          Health and safety provisions for mobile work

–          Trade union communication in order to ensure the communication/information flow between trade unions/employee reps and the mobile workers

Read the full declaration here

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