New beginnings beckon Amcor as workers organise and negotiations start

New beginnings beckon Amcor as workers organise and negotiations start

Last week, over 100 employees of the Amcor factories in Łódź, Poland demonstrated their support for the beginning of negotiations between trade union and the company’s management on issues raised by the workers.

More than 100 employees of Amcor and members of the Graphical Trade Union gathered in front of Amcor factories demonstrating their support for the beginning of negotiations between the trade union and the company’s management on the issues reported by the workers.

Employees of Amcor Specialty Cartons and Amcor Flexibles organised themselves into the Graphical Trade Union in September last year. Despite the uncertainties associated with the employer’s reaction, more than 200 workers from the production areas of both factories have organised themselves into a union. Already at the beginning of its activity, new organisations received support from trade unions operating in Amcor factories all over the world associated in UNI Europa Graphical & Packaging during a meeting held on 6-7 November in city of Łódź. Every day more employees join the union.

ZZP’s Chairman in Amcor Specialty Cartons Michał Dąbrowski: “Every day we perform our duties responsibly, we are happy with the trust of our customers, we are proud of the successes of the company in which we work. Therefore, we believe that the dialogue with the employer will be substantial and constructive, and that the issues we raise will be resolved jointly and quickly for the benefit of employees and the company. We are determined, and if there have been any employees who have not yet heard that there is a trade union in the company that is fighting to improve working conditions, they have certainly heard of it today.

Dominik Szefer, Chairman of the ZZP in Amcor Flexibles, said: “I am glad and thanks to all of you that there are so many of us here today. We meet for the first time as union in our spare time and I am sure that the solidarity and determination shown by us will make employees realise that together we have a real influence on the future successes of the New Better for all AMCOR. It is an important day for us and I hope that the negotiations we start will bring the results expected by our employees. Also its important day because the company’s results for the second half of the year presented yesterday by Amcor’s head office, and they are very good.

The Graphical Trade Union is a union uniting printing workers from all over Poland, it is a member of the All-Poland Trade Union Alliance and a part of the International Federation UNI Global Union and the UNI Europe Graphical & Packaging.

Amcor is a global Australian-based corporation with over 35,000 employees in 200 factories in 43 countries.

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