With fears growing over the cost-of-living crisis, war and increasingly devastating extreme weather events, the time is now to climate and employment proof our work 

Today, on the Global Day of Action to Climate and Employment Proof our Work (CEPOW), UNI joins the ITUC and unions all over the world to demand urgent action on climate.  

The world is in a race against time to respond to the growing climate change which left unchecked will leave whole regions uninhabitable, threaten livelihoods and destroy communities. 

“We need urgent climate action now for a just transition that puts environmental protections and workers rights first,” said UNI General Secretary Christy Hoffman. “Workers and their unions must be at the table with employers and governments to ensure that the decisions shaping our planet’s future are sustainable, enforceable and ambitious enough to tackle this emergency.” 

CEPOW means that thousands of workers all over the world will be joining in the largest conversation in the world with employers about their plans for green and sustainable businesses. Workers and unions are fighting to make sure that safety, jobs, reduced emissions and a secure future for the next generation are top of the agenda. 

As part of the Global Day of Action, UNI is encouraging all its affiliates to reach out to employers and start a conversation about how to reduce our workplaces’ carbon footprint and combat climate change. 

“We are running out of time. We must join together now to tackle the issues we face and climate and employment proof our work”, said Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the ITUC. “We must work together if we want to stabilize the only home we have – our planet.” 

Learn more about how you can join the CEPOW campaign here. The campaign guide can be found here. 

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