UNI stands in solidarity with Italian affiliates in fight against further privatization of Poste Italiane


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UNI stands in solidarity with Italian affiliates in fight against further privatization of Poste Italiane

UNI’s Post & Logistics sector is rallying its affiliates to stand in solidarity and support for SLP CISL and SLC CGIL in their fight to halt further privatization of Poste Italiane.  

The Italian Government’s recent initiation of the approval process for the Finance Act for 2024 has sparked concerns as it includes a substantial privatization package, particularly impacting Poste Italiane. As part of the proposed Finance Act for 2024, the Italian Government plans to proceed with the sale of an additional 30% of shares in Poste Italiane, marking a significant move towards full privatization of this vital public service.  

The move has prompted joint opposition from SLP CISL and SLC CGIL, who are committed to taking actions to prevent the further privatization of Poste Italiane. 

The international labour movement is in full support of their fight to defend the rights of over 100,000 postal workers who would be directly impacted by the privatization. 

This fight is not only about protecting Poste Italiane, but the ongoing battle worldwide to protect from privatization. United, UNI affiliates can make a difference in the crucial battle for the future of Poste Italiane and post as a public service. 

Express your solidarity 

UNI Post & Logistics invites its affiliates to join the fight against further privatization by expressing solidarity and support. Together, we can send the message loud and clear that we must safeguard the vital role of Poste Italiane and protect the rights of postal workers. 

We encourage all UNI affiliates to reach out via email to Mario Petitto at internazionale@slp-cisl.it and Martina Tomassini at martina.tomassini@slc.cgil.it.  

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