UniCredit European Works Council signs Joint Declaration on Remote Work

UniCredit European Works Council signs Joint Declaration on Remote Work

A joint declaration (also available in Italian) was signed on 21 October 2020 by Jean Pierre Mustier, CEO of UniCredit Group, and Luciano Malvolti, President of the UniCredit European Works Council (EWC), representing more than 90,000 employees across the continent.

The guidelines, principles and minimum common standards shared in the joint declaration, progressively applicable to all employees of the Group, will have to be implemented through local negotiations in the countries where UniCredit operates.

“The joint declaration includes the consolidated requests of trade unions for the collective regulation of ‘remote work’ in ordinary regime, once the pandemic is over: voluntary basis, right to disconnect, respect for worker’s privacy and protection of personal and professional data, equal individual, professional and economic conditions, respect of trade union rights, sustainability of workloads,” said Luciano Malvolti, President of the UniCredit EWC.

The Joint Declaration will make it possible to extend the remote working modality to the colleagues working in the network and use it as an ordinary option for professional training. It represents a further step forward in the search for a better balance of workers’ work and private life.

This joint declaration draws on both the wealth of past experience in remote work within the UniCredit and from the work of the EU and Social Partners of the European Banking Sector in the field of work-life balance. Recent key documents for this work include:

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