Working women need a say for meaningful pay transparency



Working women need a say for meaningful pay transparency

There is a battle going on at the EU over pay transparency. The result will de determining for efforts to close the gender pay gap.

In it’s first draft, proposed legislation was delayed and diluted following a push back from certain employers. They are trying to carve out and exclude different groups of workers from being covered and trying to undermine the independence of those who oversee pay transparency measures within the company.

But working women and their unions are not letting this go. We were with ETUC and the European trade union movement outside the European Parliament to make ourselves heard. Together with allies inside the Parliament, we are building momentum for change. More and more Members of the European Parliament are taking the pledge and speaking out.

With a strong and independent collective say, working women can close the gender pay gap in the near future. Collective bargaining is the mechanism to achieve this. It is time for the law to recognise the role of working women’s unions so that they can speak up and demand pay equality without fear of retaliation. UNI Europa Women’s Committee adopted a statement outlining key proposals for the EU pay transparency directive to make a difference.

“I will do the utmost, being a member of the parliament, being a feminist trade unionist, to support you and therefore to support all of us,” said Evelyn Regner when addressing the trade union crowd.

“We can make sure that equal pay & pay transparency is applicable to everyone – that it ends up in the pockets of our sisters,” said Oliver Roethig, Regional Secretary of UNI Europa.

Never mind the EURO, this is where the real head-to-head is taking place.

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