Forward through Collective Bargaining March I 2024


The first UNI Europa newsletter from March 2024.

Forward through Collective Bargaining March I 2024




Forward through collective bargaining 2024

March I


Like in Romania, the EU can – and must – support workers’ aspirations

From Brussels to Bucharest: the EU can and must make a difference for working people. On 6 March 2024, UNI Europa organised a political meeting between European and Romanian trade union representatives with European parliamentarians in Bucharest


New studies show 42 per cent of trade unions are already negotiating on AI and algorithmic management across service economy

As EU agrees on Platform Directive and AI Act, an original survey of 148 trade union representatives affiliated to UNI Europa in 32 countries shows that 42 per cent of the trade unions are conducting bargaining on AI.


Trade unions and civil society call for comprehensive ban on Amazon lobbying in the European Parliament


The demand comes as the company now reports spending at least 4.5 million euros (up from 2.75 million) on lobbying, making it the 7th largest spender for a single company.


In case you missed it


Platform work: trade unions win for millions of workers


When too few employers means too low wages


A remarkable victory for Amazon workers in Luxembourg


A database of AI and algorithmic management in collective bargaining agreements


UNI Europa denounces union-busting in Slovakian care home


Amazon workers on the cusp of historic recognition in the UK


UNI Europa in support of striking workers at German public broadcaster ARD


UNI Europa stands in solidarity with striking airport security workers in Germany


Entertainment unions across the globe unite in solidarity with IATSE as contract talks begin with Hollywood producers


On #IWD2024, UNI Equal Opportunities launches campaign on the ‘three ‘M’s: menstruation, maternity and menopause


UNI Europa calls for better conditions to address labour shortages


UNI on CSDDD: A step towards protecting workers’ rights, more must be done


Finnish workers are bringing foreign trade to a standstill


Myanmar: European trade unions call on EU to oppose forced conscription


European social partners adopt a Framework of Actions on Skills in the Audiovisual and Live Performance sectors

Meetings & Events







UNI Europa workshop and conference on Collective Bargaining and the Minimum Wage Directive

UNI Europa hosts a conference on the upcoming National Action Plans regarding collective bargaining within the framework of the EU Minimum Wage Directive.



1st Workshop – Project: Monitoring and furthering the autonomous implementation of the European framework agreement on occupational health and safety in the hairdressing sector



Commerce/Tourism EWC Network Meeting


timing: 9:30 to 12:00