Joining the call for Big Tech action on Ukraine



Joining the call for Big Tech action on Ukraine

UNI Europa has signed on to a letter calling for Big Tech corporations to take action against the spread of disinformation that justifies Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The letter, signed by over 100 advocacy groups, was sent to the top management of Meta, Apple, Google, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Telegram. It includes the following demands:

We demand that you stop spreading disinformation that justifies Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including by removing access to Russian-state media channels everywhere, as well as the state-run and state-affiliated accounts promoting the disinformation.

We demand that the platforms stop algorithmic amplification of disinformation coming from the Russian government, its media ecosystem, and troll farms.

We demand that all platforms increase content moderation resources, and provide clear and effective systems for users to report disinformation coming from Russian state-run and state-affiliated accounts, and that the content is removed or down-ranked rapidly to correspond with the urgency of the situation.

We demand transparency into the disinformation being spread on your platforms, and provide independent researchers with access to aggregated data on the views of and engagement with high-reach public accounts, even for content that is removed.

We demand that you protect employees working in the region, including contractors working on content moderation.

Read the full letter here.


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