Solidarity with France Télévisions workers striking in defense of public broadcasting

Solidarity with France Télévisions workers striking in defense of public broadcasting


The French government has announced plans for an overhaul in the financing of the country’s public broadcaster. The change would remove the long-standing secure source of financing and increase the dependency of France Télévisions on advertising revenue. The changes would profoundly change the functioning of the public broadcaster and undermine its internationally recognised independent journalism and cultural content production.

Oliver Roethig, Regional Secretary of UNI Europa said:

A strong and independent public broadcasting service is vital for our democratic societies and cultural diversity in France and Europe. Solidarity with the workers of France Télévisions. Their strike is a fight for a quality public media.

France Télévisions is an institution known worldwide for its quality programming and independent information. Yet the government is putting all this at risk.

Removing the main source of funding means that all of this will be thrown into instability and doubt. Those who work there day and night know the business. Maintain the continuity of media that are independent of political manipulation with a guarantee of long-term funding. This government must listen to those who do the work.

On behalf of UNI Europa and all the media, entertainment and artists’ unions in Europe that we represent: We support your struggle 100%.

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