Amazon workers in France reject real terms pay cut



Amazon workers in France reject real terms pay cut

Amazon workers across France have been on strike for over two weeks. Through their unions, they are sending a strong message of rejection of Amazon’s attempt to cut real pay and circumvent collective bargaining.  

Prior to negotiations between management and workers even beginning, Amazon sent private messages to all workers unilaterally announcing what it called a “pay increase”. Its 3% offer amounts in fact to a real terms pay cut given that inflation in France is at 4.6%.  

Amazon workers and their unions were quick to respond with CGT, CFDT and FO all calling for strike action. Workers across the country participated in walkouts, with major disruptions at 8 sites. 

Amazon have reconsidered their initial pay cut but have failed to propose an offer that meets the workers’ expectations. Consistent and growing participation shows that workers will not let these attempted real terms pay cut slide. In addition, unions call on management to respect the collective bargaining process. 



“We, the workers, are the true wealth of Amazon,” said Amazon striker Rami on the picket line.

“The determination of these workers to fight for fairness at Amazon is inspiring. In contrast, the hypocrisy with which Amazon is attempting to push through a pay cut while pretending it is an increase is truly on brand. That it announces this measure prior to the start of negotiations adds fuel to the fire. These workers have had it with the corporation’s dirty tricks. Their union movement is backing them 100%,” said Oliver Roethig, Regional Secretary of UNI Europa.

Update: on Thursday 14 April, Amazon management upped their offer but failed to reach the projected inflation rate. The workers were back in action on Monday 18 April.


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