Ending wage-theft at Lovisa – digital action

Ending wage-theft at Lovisa – digital action

The workers at Lovisa, a high-street jewelry chain, are sounding the alarm. While they have put in the hours, management is refusing to pay them the wages they are owed.

Through their unions ACLVB and BBTK in Belgium and FNV in the Netherlands, they are taking collective action to challenge the wage theft and the bullying tactics.

Australian billionaire Brett Blundy has a controlling share of the company. While he rakes in vast wealth, those who work for Lovisa suffer anxiety over not being able to pay their rent.

Reports of under-payment or even of non-payment of wages owed have been stacking up across different countries. There have also been multiple reports of being told to lie about the nickel in the jewelry. Management has responded by trying to intimidate workers into not speaking out.

But these workers are done suffering in silence. Together, they are speaking up and taking action.

Help them send a strong message to top management that this is not OK.

The digital action is also available in Dutch and French.

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