Final conference of the joint UNI Europa and COZZ project: Bridging the gap




In the last four years, UNI Europa and COZZ trained hundreds of workers in Poland, Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia.

Final conference of the joint UNI Europa and COZZ project: Bridging the gap

Over the last four years joint UNI Europa and COZZ project called “Bridging the gap – increasing the knowledge and skills of Central European employees in representation in international companies” took place. The overall goal of the project was to develop the capacity of trade unions and workers’ representatives to increase their involvement in their workplaces, namely multinational corporations operating in the four above mentioned countries in the care, commerce, finance, graphical & packaging and ICT sectors. COZZ conducted 43 training workshops in Poland, Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia and trained hundreds of workers.

The project concluded with Final Conference with 86 participants from 7 countries.

Dana Burikova, in a video made during final conference, shared her reflections on increasing representation and social dialogue: “Basically, don’t be afraid to state your legitimate claims. And the more people say it, the more it’s heard, and we win and we’re really going to get what we want”. Others shared their stories with us as well, you can watch it on Youtube.


Both challenges and good practices that were shared and gathered during training workshops and Final Conference were collected in the document “FINAL REPORT Sharing knowledge on organising in union movement in Central Europe for better workers representation: trainings and meetings of workers” and produced in English, Czech, Polish, Hungarian and Slovakian (click here to access the publication).

Rafał Tomasiak, COZZ, concluded “Now, we need to use the dynamic that project created and work harder to increase employees’ and their unions’ participation in social dialogue in Central Eastern Europe”.

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