Forward through collective bargaining October 2022


Forward through collective bargaining October 2022

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Minimum wages and collective bargaining: EU directive shows the way forward

The European Parliament has adopted the directive on minimum wages and collective bargaining, which now enters into EU law. UNI Europa celebrates the concrete steps towards strengthening democracy at work.
Important step forward: the EU recognises central role of collective bargaining and sets objective for all countries to reach 80% coverage.

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EU paves the way for collective bargaining for solo self-employed

EU competition law is no longer a direct obstacle for 24 million self-employed workers  who now will be able to bargain collectively for fair wages & working conditions.
UNI Europa welcomes the EU Commission’s move to protect self-employed workers.

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European Commission must reject Amazon’s attempt to derail competition investigation

Amazon is attempting to shut down the European Commission investigation into its competition practices. Together with a coalition of public interest organisations led by the Balanced Economy Project, UNI Europa has called for the European Commission to reject Amazon’s ultimatum.

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London Grosvenor casino workers to walk out for a fair wage


Media unions call on Turkish press advertising agency to lift advertisement ban on Evrensel newspaper


OECD: collective bargaining the solution to the cost of living crisis


Retain report puts forward solutions to the worker shortage crisis in long-term care


Employers and workers jointly call on European Commission to recognise diversity of care workers


Conference report: upholding and strengthening democracy


SOTEU2022: new treaty, abuse of public money and a mention of skills


European care strategy: right diagnosis, wrong treatment


World’s postal unions stand in solidarity with Spanish postal workers


Algorithmic management: 1 in 3 workers left in the dark


Europe’s gaming workers call for an end to workplace violence and harassment



06 October
ICTS steering committee
06 October
Sectoral social dialogue committee temporary agency plenary meetinng
10 – 11 October
ICTS workshop – EU project VS 2021 0041
12 October
UNI Europa policy making working group meeting
13 – 14 October
Final conference of the EU tissue & packaging project
18 October
Commerce EWC network meeting
19 October
ESCB/SSM social dialogue (in ssm composition)
19 – 20 October
29th UNI Europa executive committee
24 October
Steering group meeting of the project “Make Twin Transition”
25 October
Commerce sector steering committee meeting
27 October
Travel agencies and tour operators network meeting

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