Newsletter – September 2021


Newsletter – September 2021




Forward through collective bargaining

September 2021



Our recent report entitled The Amazon Panopticon, sheds light on the intrusive and all-encompassing Amazon worker surveillance systems. It is now available in 9 languages. This month, we will be releasing an animation on the same topic.

Over the summer, Amazon also opened its first warehouse in the Netherlands. FNV anticipated this by laying out their expectations of Amazon. As Oliver Roethig outlined in his message of welcome, they join a growing coalition around the world who are making Amazon accountable to workers & our democracies.

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Momentum is building to ban corporations that refuse to sign collective bargaining agreements with their workers from receiving public contracts. Following the launch of our European Parliament work, 40 MEPs from 4 different parliamentary groups have already endorsed the campaign over the summer. Together with its affiliates, UNI Europa is engaging with many more MEPs to sign up to the campaign.

UNI Europa received an answer from the EU Commission (available from here) following our letter co-signed by the elected leaders of 106 workers’ unions from 29 countries calling on the EU to change public procurement rules to guarantee workers a say.

We are also working to expose concrete examples which demonstrate that current legislation does not deliver for working people. We recently looked at how workers at one cleaning company pushed back against fire and rehire attempts which are spreading in outsourcing companies.

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EU Consultations

UNI Europa has put together three submissions to EU Commission consultations:



In case you missed it


Beating back fire-and-rehire through organising


Broad Alliance in defence of Radio Television Madrid and media freedom



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UNI Europa ICTS Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Telecoms – 03/06/2024

ICT & Related Services

To the Members of the UNI Europa delegation in the Telecom Social Dialogue Committee

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the next Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee Meeting for Telecommunications which will take place on the 03rd of June 2024.




Commerce Steering Committee




Protected: Uni Europa Commerce Steering Committee meeting – 4 June 2024