Shaping the new world of work – how unions should address Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Shaping the new world of work – how unions should address Artificial Intelligence (AI)


UNI Europa ICTS has published a position paper on Artificial Intelligence that highlights how unions should engage in the debate on AI, especially with regards to collective bargaining.

Joining the ongoing European and global debate, UNI Europa ICTS has published a strategic position paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Oliver Roethig, UNI Europa Regional Secretary, underlines the key trade union message:

AI is changing the world of work in services. For services unions, AI must enhance the quality of services, and that requires an employee-centred perspective. The best way to achieve this is collective bargaining, especially at sectoral level.

UNI Europa ICTS wants to empower their members as they enter the new world of work in the coming years, and to raise awareness about the opportunities and the risks that AI represents related to the quality and quantity of work, skills and training, ethics, equality, health and safety, and the capacity to organise effectively.

Trade unions have a key role to play as the labour market of the future takes shape. UNI Europa ICTS wants a fair and Just Transition towards a society in which AI systems benefit everyone, no one is left behind, and the skills and competencies of individual workers are respected and valued. Trade unions should proactively shape this vision, and we must begin by addressing AI issues in collective bargaining now.

In this report, UNI Europa ICTS focuses on three key topics regarding AI – data collection and management, skills and training and a Just Transition – whilst highlighting several ways that trade unions must engage in within the AI debate to protect and enhance workers’ rights, human rights, and decent working standards.

The position paper and its executive summary are available in English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish.

Please find the AI position paper and an executive summary in different languages here:

AI position paper in English                            – AI executive summary in English

AI position paper in French                             – AI executive summary in French

AI position paper in German                           – AI executive summary in German

AI position paper in Spanish                           – AI executive summary in Spanish

AI position paper in Swedish                           – AI executive summary in Swedish

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