Solidarity with our Australian WestRock colleagues

Solidarity with our Australian WestRock colleagues

We would like to share a message of solidarity and support with our Australian colleagues who are having to defend their right to rest days.

Workers at WestRock in North Richmond (Australia) are fighting an attempt by management to take away 4 of their rostered days off. Rostered days off are rest days workers earn in compensation for their overtime.

Using the words of Suzan Templeman, Australian MP, Nicola Konstantinou, Head of UNI Graphical & Packaging, said: “This is an arrangement which has been in place for 20 years and it has suited both the employer as well as workers, who would use these days to do things such as scheduling doctor appointments or looking after their grand kids.

“Now suddenly management have changed their mind!

“This is unjust and we invite everyone to stand in solidarity with our WestRock colleagues,” concluded Konstantinou.

Please send solidarity letters to Lorraine Cassin:

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