Unicredit EWC: new mandate and new business plan




Unicredit EWC: new mandate and new business plan


The plenary meeting of the UEWC last 16-18 December 2019 signed a double new start for the next four years: the 31 delegates representing over 90000 employees elected the new President, Luciano Malvolti, and Vice President, Florian Schwarz, leading Unicredit employees to face the impact of the new business plan Team23 that the Group had announced two weeks before.

The delegates met Jean Pierre Mustier, CEO of Unicredit, and the Group’s top managers to go into deep of a business plan whose main strategic decision is the cut of more than 8000 employees and this in spite of the good results expected in the period 2019-2023.

The EWC reaffirmed the crucial role played by the employees to achieve the positive results of the previous business plan and, on the contrary, focused on the extreme difficulty of their working conditions which caused unacceptable professional risks and responsibilities also due to serious problems in digitalized processes.

The delegates rejected the message of the bank that redundancies are simply the result of technological progress!

On the contrary, “the message delivered by the plenary to the CEO of Unicredit is clear – said the newly elected UEWC President Luciano Malvolti – : digitalization must also be an opportunity and it’s impact can be jointly managed by employers and workers’ representatives. There are already concrete examples of agreements and joint declarations on this strategic issue such as at the level of the European bank and insurance social dialogue, the global framework agreement of Credit Agricole and the recently signed Italian bank sector collective agreement”.

The UEWC asked for a strategic u-turn by the Group – investing in people instead of redundancies! – and offered its full cooperation to Trade Unions and Workers’ representatives in their negotiations at national and company level to keep workers at the centre of the business plan.

Find the full UEWC statement here.

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