UNI MEI welcomes the vote of the European Parliament on Copyright in the Digital Single Market

Thursday 13 September 2018

The European Parliament adopted today the report on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.

We would like to thank all Members of the European Parliament who have supported the fair and balanced comprise amendments on Chapter III on the fair remuneration of authors and performers.

Articles 14 to 16 of chapter III are the articles that matter the most to our trade union members in the media, entertainment and arts.

The amendments adopted today significantly improve the Commission’s initial proposal, introducing the pivotal elements of proportional remuneration and collective bargaining as a tool to achieve fair contractual arrangements to secure proportionate remuneration (Art. -14). Further, we welcome the improvement of article 14, which now covers the entire economic life of works and will allow for comprehensive and accurate transparency of information regarding the exploitation of works. Finally, we underline the importance of the inclusion of the principle of collective representation of authors and performers in contractual adjustment (Art. 15) and dispute resolution (Art. 16), which is a prerequisite for these rights to materialise.

We now call on all the Commission, Council and Parliament negotiators to conclude the dossier based on the clear and strong mandate of the European Parliament with regards to chapter III on fair remuneration of authors and performers.

Download our full statement here.