Union protests at Smurfit Kappa Pruszkow, Poland

Wednesday 21 October 2015

UNI Europa Graphical unions and its polish affiliate ZZP have joined forces on a picket line outside Smurfit Kappa Pruszkow, Poland on 16.10.15.

The unions protested against the company’s discriminative behaviour towards their Polish employees and union organisations. Smurfit Kappa’s management refuses to meet with a ZZP delegation if the following preconditions are not met:

  1. The management board does not want to allow the company’s union representatives to be assisted by outside experts in meetings with management.
  2. Prior to any meeting with the union delegation of Smurfit Kappa in Poland, the management board wants the members of this delegation to sign a non-disclosure agreement preventing them from contacting union officials/experts and thus benefiting from their advice.
  3. The management board refuses to provide the union delegation with information on how the company’s social benefits fund has been managed up to now.

For UNI Europa Graphical, these conditions are unacceptable, discriminatory and derogatory to Polish Smurfit Kappa workers in comparison to their European colleagues.

A delegation has submitted a letter of protest signed by 12 trade unions from all over Europe to the plant manager, stressing that union action will continue in Poland and across Europe unless the company changes their position.

Simon Dubbins from Unite the Union, chair of the UNI Europa Graphical said: ‘It is historical moment for trade union solidarity in Europe and we all feel excited to be taking part in today’s action’.

Read the letter of protest here

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