UNI Europa response to the Written Statement Directive social partner consultation

Monday 6 November 2017

UNI Europa welcomes the European Commission initiative to update the 1991 EU Written Statement Directive and make it more fit for purpose for the current and constantly evolving world of work.

We support the ETUC response to both the first and second phase social partner consultations and submit our specific UNI Europa one now as a complement to the ETUC’s, with further detail on the impact of the Written Statement Directive on our sectors and services workers in particular.

Our key UNI Europa demands are:

  • for the Directive to be fully and properly enforced,
  • for its scope to cover all categories of workers,
  • for all workers to be given the rights and protections to which they are entitled,
  • whilst also ensuring that collectively bargained rights, the EU social acquis, the autonomy of social partners and higher national standards take precedence over the provisions laid out in the Directive.

Read our full response here.

Read the ETUC’s response here.