Watch the Gap! UNI Europa Property Services launches project on  workers’ influence on outsourcing, tender processes and transfer of employment contracts

Thursday 28 February 2019

On 19 February, UNI Europa Property Services, EFFAT, ETF and EPSU had their first steering committee of the project ‘Workers’ influence on outsourcing, tender processes and transfer of employment contracts: watch the gap!’ (VP/2018/006/0014). Co-operating with Syndex, UNI Europa aims to develop an overview of workers’ and trade unions’ participation in the framework of outsourcing and transfer of employment contracts.

In the first stage of this project, UNI Europa will send a survey to all its affiliates in the Property Services sector. On 18/19 September, UNI Europa Property Services will have a meeting in Paris to discuss common issues arising from the Council Directive 2001/23/EC and develop a European-wide strategy to increase trade unions’ and workers’ influence in the tendering process and outsourcing.

Mark Bergfeld, Director of Property Services said: ‘This project will help us to understand how the European Directive on the transfer of undertaking Council Directive 2001/23/EC is being applied in Industrial Cleaning and Private Security in all EU member states, and what kind of strategies trade unions have developed in response. Our goal is to learn from each other’s experiences, strengthen union capacity and develop common approaches at the EU level so that workers get the best deal when their company sells or loses the contract.’

The project will last two years until 31 December 2019. For more information, please contact