1 May – Let’s stand together for a Europe where everyone matters; where workers, not profit, come first.

Wednesday 1 May 2019

Today, 1 May, UNI Europa joins with our affiliates and services workers throughout Europe to celebrate what we as unions have achieved. We have come a long way together. Some of our hard-won gains are under attack and we face new challenges.  We know the best way to improve the situation is strong unions and collective bargaining for all.

For this to happen, we need the right framework. With the European elections just weeks away, UNI Europa is calling on workers in the European Union to get out to vote – make your voice heard. Vote for those candidates that join us in building a Europe where everyone enjoys decent working conditions and fair pay, and where workers and their unions have a say.

These were the pillars of the social contract that made Europe a place for everyone after 1945. We need to renew them. Only then can we tackle today’s relentless, permanent revolution of change that all worker face – whether cleaners, managers, hairdressers, shop assistants, post women, bank employees, IT professionals, screenwriters or delivery drivers.

Time and time again collective bargaining has proved to be the best answer to find balanced and lasting solutions. It generates not only win-win situations for workers and business, but it fosters democracy, competitiveness and prosperity in our countries.

Happy International Workers’ Day to all!

Oliver Roethig, Regional Secretary