Care workers call on the European Commission to allow global vaccination rollout

Friday 5 March 2021

Care workers continue to be on the frontline, this time in the global vaccination rollout push. While they are doing their bit, pharmaceutical corporations are stalling the vaccination effort. By withholding information that is essential to the production of vaccines, they are slowing the process. UNICARE has got behind the Right To Cure European Citizen’s Initiative to change that.


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Governments, for the most part in Europe, are protecting these corporations from having to share this vital information with countries that can’t afford to pay the pharmaceuticals’ inflated prices. By fuelling the vaccine scarcity, these governments are not doing frontline care workers any favours. Instead, they are increasing the risk of a virus mutation that could further slow efforts to end the global pandemic, and prolong the nightmare.

On 10 March, our governments and the European Commission will decide on a proposition to temporarily lift pharma monopolies on COVID-19 vaccines, treatments and technologies inside of the World Trade Organisation. However, the European Commission seems still willing to put the interests of pharmaceutical corporations ahead of the needs and rights of people around the world, and is blocking this vital action.

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